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No matter how careful you are, you can lose your balance and fall. In the past, we didn't have a proven, easy way to protect our heads from accidental injuries in a variety of situations. Now that's all changed.

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Forcefield Protective Headbands™ are the world’s most universal, affordable solution to protecting your head any time there’s a risk of a fall.

This can come between you and a head injury

For those susceptible to falls, Forcefield headbands™ are worn to reduce the risk of the worst type of fall injury, brain injury. Patented helmet polymer filled headbands provide strong protection at critical impact zones to help you stay safe. CEII certified to absorb and dissipate impact force. Forcefield™ is well suited for an active lifestyle and more. Delivers the same protection layered under a wrap, scarf or bandana as a conventional accessory. As appropriate to wear while walking the dog as for a night on the town under a Coverwrap or simply using the stairs or getting out of bed.

Forcefield Protective Sweatband™ 45 Spiritwear White

Forcefield Protective Sweatband™

Absorbs and dissipates impact force significantly1
• 80% Cotton, 15% Spandex, many colours
• 3 Sizes: 35cm (6mos-3yrs), 40cm (4-11yrs), 45cm (12yrs and up)
• Sweat absorption, self-adjusts for comfortable and secure fit
• Protection at crucial impact zones
• only $29.95

Forcefield ULTRA™ Pre-teen and Teen

Forcefield Ultra JR™ & Ultra™

Absorbs and dissipates impact force significantly1
• 70% Neoprene, 25% nylon, 5% polyester, black
• Ultra JR™ fits heads 44cm (17″) to pre-teen, Ultra™ for teens and adults
• Adjustable velcro for comfortable and secure fit
• 360 ̊ of protection
• from $32.95

Protect your brain and help those who are injured – every purchase of Forcefield Protective Headgear™ supports the Brain Injury Association of Canada.