ForceField Protective Headgear™ is certified by INSPEC International, the world’s leading independent organization for the testing and certification of personal protective equipment (PPE). Certified CEII to significantly reduce the risk of a head injury by reducing the severity of the impact. ForceField Protective Headgear™ does NOT restrict brain movement on the inside of the head, nor can it prevent the brain from colliding with the scull if the force is great enough; no headgear can make these claims.


Proper placement. Place the headgear around the circumference of your forehead just like a sweatband and make sure that it stays in that position for optimum protection. Improper placement or modification of this headgear will reduce its effectiveness and will result in an increased risk of a head injury.

This product is not for use in hockey, football or rugby and not in any collision sport, cycling or any other activity where protective headgear is already standard equipment.

This product is not a replacement for, or protection in place of, proper healing after an injury and does not make it safe to play fearlessly; it’s part of a program of playing safe.

Avoid head impact. Report concussion symptoms.  If you’ve sustained a concussion, seek return-to-play advice from a medical specialist experienced in brain injuries instead of purchasing this product. Do not play hurt and do not play injured. Concussions are invisible so seek medical advice after a hit to the head or a jolt to the body.

If the headgear is torn, damaged or shows signs of excessive wear, the headgear must be replaced. Failure to follow this warning may result in serious and/or permanent injuries.

Your brain is responsible for so many functions; it’s well-being is important. Think about playing safe at all times. Encourage others to do the same.